Complete Denture Prosthodontics 3/rd
Author : Dr. John Joy Manappallil
ISBN 978-81-86809-94-5
472 Pages
Year : 2019
Price : 695/-              

Complete Denture Prosthodontics is one of the most technically challenging fields in dentistry. It is continuously evolving as improvements in technology and new research lead to new products and techniques. As a result an entirely new chapter has been added on digital dentures. In keeping with the dynamic nature of the subject, the author has thoroughly revised the contents of the book to bring it up to date with current information. The Third Edition boasts of over 1690 illustrations, numerous tables, and boxed anecdotes to keep the reader informed. The text is designed with a focus on students, however graduates, postgraduates, dental technicians and practitioners alike will find it useful for quick reference. In keeping with the spirit of a previous editions the subject is presented in a uniquely interesting format making it simple yet effective. This book will prove indispensable to students and practitioners alike.
SECTION ONE: Introduction to prosthodontics • Physical and biomechanical considerations • Examination diagnosis and treatment planning • Surgical and nonsurgical preparation of the mouth for complete dentures • Biological considerations of the denture foundation• Impression theories and techniques • The posterior palatal seal • Record bases and occlusion rims • Customizing occlusion rims and establishing maxillomandibular relations • The facebow transfer Mandibular movements • The articulator Selection of artificial teeth • Arrangement of artificial teeth • Theories of complete denture occlusion • The denture base contour • The trial denture • Denture processing • Denture placement and patient education • The post-placement phase
SECTION TWO: Relining, rebasing and repair • The single complete denture • Immediate complete dentures • Overdentures Implant supported complete dentures • Maxillofacial prosthetics • Computer engineered complete dentures
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