Dental Anatomy Histology and Development 3/ed
Author : Dr. S.I. Bhalajhi
ISBN : 978-81-8680-955-6
480 Pages
Year : 2013
Price : 595/-       

. The book covers the entire syllabus of Dental Anatomy, Histology and Development
. Well illustrated with over a thousand diagrams, and photographs.
. The new second edition adopts an internationally accepted format that is pleasing to the eyes.
. New pictures and materials added.
. The book comes to you from the author of Orthodontics, the art and Science, the bestselling book of its class.
. Section One - Dental Anatomy . Section Two - Dental Histology and Development . Section Three - Basics of Oral Physiology . Section Four - Summary of Tooth Identifications . Section Five - Glossary
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