Exodontia and Local Anaesthesia in Dental Practice
Author : Dr. Rishi K. Bali
ISBN 978-81-8680-959-4
448 Pages
Year : 2014 (Second Edition)
Price : 395/-       

• The second edition contains updated & new chapters on Medically compromised patients and handling of Medical Emergencies, Pain and anxiety control , Preprosthetic Surgery, Impacted teeth.
• Enumerates indications/contraindications & complications of each concept.
• Discusses in detail the Trigeminal Nerve, Nerve Physiology, Pain Pathways in step wise manner.
• Pointwise presentation with flowcharts and tables making the concept easy to understand and quick to learn.
• Self-explanatory and easily reproducible diagrams with photographs of armamentarium
• Prepares the undergraduates for theory and practical exams in final year.
• Answers F.A.Q's in Viva
• Routine Laboratory values for ready reference in clinics.
• Entrance Exam oriented 219 M.C.Q's with reliable answers.
• Reliable practical tips for dental practice.
• Quick reference guide for Post graduates.

Section I: 1. Exodontia. 2. Principles of Exodontia 3. Preoperative assessment
Section II:  4. Indications 5. Contraindications 6. Armamentarium 7. Methods of Extraction
Section III:  8. Transalveolar Extraction 9. Impacted Teeth 10. Multiple Extractions and Preprosthetic Surgery 11. Suturing 12. Healing of Extraction Socket 13. Pediatric Exodontia and Extractions under General Anaesthesia
Section IV:  14. Complications of Tooth Extraction 15. Physiology of Nerves and Pain 16. Trigeminal Nerve 17.Techniques for Regional Anaesthesia 18. Local Anaesthetic Agents 19. Vasoconstrictors 20. Local Anaesthetic Blocks
Section V:  21. Medically compromised Patients and Medical Emergencies 22. Anaesthetic Complications 23. Armamentarium 24. Anxiety and Pain Management 25. Infection Control in Exodontia 26. Multiple Choice Questions Complications
About the Author
Dr. Rishi Kumar Bali has been practicing Oral Surgery since 1998 & is currently Professor in the Deptt. of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at D.A.V. Dental College & Hospital, Yamunanagar, Haryana. He has published & present several national level papers in the field of oral surgery & has been the External examiner for final year students.
The textbook has now been revised with a wealth of new information including more diagrams and full color pictures. The authors have distilled the essentials of clinical practice into a readily accessible style which is easy to understand and suitable for answering in exams.
Dr Shadab Mohammad
Professor & Head, Dept. of OMS
King George's Medical University, Lucknow
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