Orthodontics The Art And Science 6/ed
Author : Dr. S.I. Bhalajhi
ISBN 978-81-8680-961-7
704 Pages
Year : 2015(6th Edition)
With Over 1500 illustrations
Price : 895/-       

Over a decade, six editions and numerous re-runs and the fact that it is now being used by under-graduate dentists & Dental Surgeons in many countries across the world was enough encouragement to come up with a multi color edition of the same incorporating the recent advances in this field. The book also covers the entire syllabus for Dental students in India and rest of the world.
Introduction & Growth and development • Occlusion & Malocclusion • Diagnosis • Biomechanics • Preventive and Interceptive Orthodontics • Space Gaining • Orthodontics Appliances • Corrective Orthodontics • Surgical Orthodontics & Retention and relapse • Miscellaneous
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