Textbook of Pediatric Dentistry 5/ed
Author : Prof. S.G. Damle
Vice Chancellor
Maharishi Markandeshwar University Mullana (Ambala)
ISBN 978-81-8680-963-1
1264 Pages
Year : 2017 (Fifth Edition)
Price : 1500/-  
Section I - Fundamentals of Pediatric Dentistry * Section II - Cariology * Section III -
Craniofacial Growth and Development * Section IV - Oral Pathological Conditions in Children
* Section V - Examination and Diagnosis * Section VI - Infection Control And Isolation
* Section VII - Preventive and Interceptive Orthodontics * Section VIII - Gingival and
Periodontal Diseases In Children * Section IX - Restorative Dentistry * Section X - Dental
Traumatology * Section XI - Principles of Preventive Dentistry * Section XII -
Pharmacotherapy * Section XIII - Pediatric Oral Surgery * Section XIV - Management of
Children with special Health Care Needs * Section XV - Advances In Dentistry
I feel privileged to write the Foreword for the Textbook authored by Prof. S.G. Damle. In recent times, the principles and practice of Pediatric Dentistry have witnessed a change with excellent potential for improving the patient-care. This edition provides the latest information.

The special mention of the chapters on Child Psychology & Management, Cariology, Traumatology, Oral Habits, Growth & Development, Fluorides, Probiotics, Remineralisation, Stem Cells & Genetics, as well as Recent Advances in Pediatric Dentistry are special feature of this book.

Lastly, in my professional career, I feel proud to have the opportunity to recognize and acknowledge Prof. S.G. Damle, a name of high respect in Dental profession today and I surely feel that Textbook of Pediatric Dentistry will be useful not only for undergraduates but also for postgraduate students as well
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